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Genteel Pagan. The Double Life of Charles Warren Stoddard.
Austen, Roger; Crowley, John W [ed.]
- Catalogue No. c1265
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Lamia's Winter-Quarters
Austin, Alfred
- Catalogue No. c0043
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Lyyn Seymour: An Authorised Biography
Austin, Richard
- Catalogue No. bgs062
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Alia Cantalena de Sancta Maria
Awdlay, John
- Catalogue No. bns0379
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Bell and Wing
Ayer, Frederick Fanning
- Catalogue No. bba277ad
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Les Formes Traditionnelles du Spectacle
Aziza, Mohamed
- Catalogue No. e5594
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Reflections on Biography
Backscheider, Paula R
- Catalogue No. e6174
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Literary Studies. 3 volume set.
Bagehot, Walter; Hutton, Richard Holt [ed.]
- Catalogue No. r6644
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Rural Rhymes
Baggaley, Jesse
- Catalogue No. r8838
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Hermesianactis Poetae Elegiaci Colophonii Fragmentum Notis et Glossario et Versionibus Tum Latinis Tum Etiam Anglicis [Hermesianax]
Bailey, Jacobus [ed.]
- Catalogue No. r2439
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Miscellaneous Plays
Baillie, Joanna
- Catalogue No. 5861
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Baines, Anthony
- Catalogue No. d0819
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Selected Poems
Baka, Istvan
- Catalogue No. j1425
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Biographia Dramatica: or A Companion to the Playhouse: Containing Historical and Critical Memoirs and Original Anecdotes of British and Irish Dramatic Writers. 3 volumes in 4
Baker, David Erskine; Reed, Isaac; Jones, Stephen
- Catalogue No. r6123
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Young Man With a Horn
Baker, Dorothy
- Catalogue No. d2281
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Bulletin of the John Rylands Library. Volume 86, Number 1 Spring 2004
Baker, Fran [ed.]
- Catalogue No. j6735
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The Theme of Government in Piers Plowman
Baldwin, Anna P
- Catalogue No. j6442
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1285 in Jedburgh. An Historical Poem in Three Cantos.
Ballantyne, G
- Catalogue No. L1402
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The Day I Almost Met Picasso. Signed copy.
Bamford, Kevin
- Catalogue No. d0837
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The Albion Queens. Or, the Death of Mary Queen of Scots. A Tragedy, by John Banks. Adapted for Theatrical Representation, as Performed at the Theatres-Royal, Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden, Regulated from the Prompt-Books, by Permission of the Managers.
Banks, John
- Catalogue No. c0345
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