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The Wood Family of Burslem
Falkner, Frank
- Catalogue No. e4211
More details
Ceramics of the Islamic World in the Tareq Rajab Museum
Féhérvári, Géza
- Catalogue No. e3746
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Lustreware. Shire Album Series No. 290.
Gibson, Michael
- Catalogue No. shr290
More details
Royal Crown Derby China from 1876 to the Present day. Including Sampson Hancock King Street, Derby 1849-1935.
Gilhespy, F Brayshaw; Budd, Dorothy M
- Catalogue No. e4455
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Godden's Guide to Mason's China and the Ironstone Wares
Godden, Godfrey A
- Catalogue No. gdn21
More details
Le Guide de l'Amateur de Porcelaines etc
Graesse, Dr J. G. Theodore
- Catalogue No. r0920
More details
The Masons of Lane Delph and the Origin of Masons Patent Ironstone China
Haggar, Reginald G
- Catalogue No. e1082
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Pottery & Porcelain. 3 volume set.
Hannover, Emil; Rackham, Bernard [trans]
- Catalogue No. 3870
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The Harry Brockway Barter Books Mug
Harry Brockway
- Catalogue No. sgs01
More details
The Harry Brockway Barter Books Mug with Red Insert
Harry Brockway
- Catalogue No. sgs15
More details
Chats on English China
Hayden, Arthur
- Catalogue No. cht07a
More details
Master Potters of the Industrial Revolution: The Turners of Lane End.
Hillier, Bevis
- Catalogue No. e4474
More details
The Later Ceramic Wares of China
Hobson, R L
- Catalogue No. d0724
More details
The Things We See: Pottery and Glass. Penguin No 4
Hollowood, Bernard
- Catalogue No. pent04a
More details
English Glass. Britain in Pictures No 99.
Honey, W B
- Catalogue No. bip099a
More details
Oriental Lowestoft Chinese Export Porcelain. Porcelain de la C'ie des Indes
Hyde, J A Lloyd
- Catalogue No. j3831
More details
Fired for Royalty. Signed copy.
Jackson, Josephine
- Catalogue No. g1423
More details
Chinese Art. The Minor Arts.
Jenyns, Soame; Watson, William
- Catalogue No. j6796
More details
Swansea Porcelain
John, W D
- Catalogue No. r0288
More details
Roman (and Other) Triple Vases
Kaye, Walter J
- Catalogue No. j5013
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