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Marks and Monograms on European and Oriental Pottery and Porcelain with Historical Notices of each Manufactory.
Chaffers, William; Litchfield, Frederick [ed.]
- Catalogue No. 1566ac
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The Chris Donald Barter Books Mug
Chris Donald
- Catalogue No. sgs07
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English Earthenware
Church, A H
- Catalogue No. d0058a
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Under-Glaze Colour Picture prints on Staffordshire Pottery [The Centenary Pot Lid Book]
Clarke, Harold George
- Catalogue No. r5864
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College and Corporation Plate
Cripps, Wilfred Joseph
- Catalogue No. d0064
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Porcelain and Pottery Bearing Arms of the Livery Companies of the City of London. Limited edition.
Crisp, Frederick Arthur
- Catalogue No. e1936
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Drury, C, Fortnum, E
- Catalogue No. d0057a
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Porcelaine de Saxe et Autres Manufactures Allemandes
Ducret, S
- Catalogue No. e4240
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Fürstenberger Porzellan. I: Geschichte der Fabrik. II. Geschirre. III. Figuren. 3 volume set.
Ducret, Siegfried
- Catalogue No. e4249
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Royal Doulton Figures Produced at Burslem Staffordshire
Eyles, Desmond; Irvine, Louise; Baynton, Valerie
- Catalogue No. e2510
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The Wood Family of Burslem
Falkner, Frank
- Catalogue No. e4211
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English Blue and White Porcelain of the 18th. Century
Fisher, Stanley W
- Catalogue No. d3024
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Old Cambridge Plate. An Illustrated Catalogue of the Loan Collection of Plate Exhibited in the Fitzwilliam Museum May 1895
Foster, J E; Atkinson, T D
- Catalogue No. j8858
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Le Guide de l'Amateur de Porcelaines etc
Graesse, Dr J. G. Theodore
- Catalogue No. r0920
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Pottery & Porcelain. 3 volume set.
Hannover, Emil; Rackham, Bernard [trans]
- Catalogue No. 3870
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The Harry Brockway Barter Books Mug
Harry Brockway
- Catalogue No. sgs01
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Chats on English China
Hayden, Arthur
- Catalogue No. cht07a
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Chats on English China
Hayden, Arthur
- Catalogue No. cht07
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The Later Ceramic Wares of China
Hobson, R L
- Catalogue No. d0724
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The Things We See: Pottery and Glass. Penguin No 4
Hollowood, Bernard
- Catalogue No. pent04a
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