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The Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare. 11 volume set. Bell edition.
Shakespeare, William; Singer, S W [revision and notes]
- Catalogue No. shks05ab
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Measure for Measure
Shakespeare, William; Stone, Alix [illus.]
- Catalogue No. fol724ba
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As You Like It
Shakespeare, William; Thomson, Hugh [illus.]
- Catalogue No. shk03
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The Works of Shakespeare. 8 volume set. Blackie edition.
Shakespeare, William; [ed. Sir Henry Irving & Frank Marshall]
- Catalogue No. shks09a
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The Works of William Shakespeare. 9 volume set. Peebles edition.
- Catalogue No. shks36
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The Works of William Shakespeare. 15 Volume set. Routledge deluxe limited edition.
Shakespeare,William; Staunton, Howard [ed.]; Gilbert, John [illus.]
- Catalogue No. shks03
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The Works of Shakspeare; From the Text of the Standard Edition. Tegg edition.
Shakspeare, William [Shakespeare]; Reed, Isaac [ed.]
- Catalogue No. shks41
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Keat's Shakespeare. A Descriptive Study Based on New Material.
Spurgeon, Caroline F E
- Catalogue No. e4188
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Role-Playing in Shakespeare
Van Laan, Thomas F
- Catalogue No. e2330
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