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London Traffic Survey. 1964. Two Volume set.
Freeman, Fox and Partners
- Catalogue No. h0653
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Essays and Letters on Subjects Conducive to the Improvement and Extension of Inland Communication and Transport
Grahame, Thomas
- Catalogue No. r6310
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Women and Transport. Bus Deregulation in West Yorkshire.
Hamilton, K; Jenkins, L; Gregory, A
- Catalogue No. g3175
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Old Waybills. The Romance of the Express Companies.
Harlow, Alvin F
- Catalogue No. d2948
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The Cassell Book of the Vauxhall Victor (1957-59)
Hawks, Ellison
- Catalogue No. cass3412
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The Cassell Book of the Vauxhall Wyvern (1951-1957)
Hawks, Ellison
- Catalogue No. cass3386
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The Book of the B.S.A Bantam
Haycraft, William Clifford
- Catalogue No. pit05a
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Remember the Trams? Tyneside.
Hearse, George S
- Catalogue No. 0892g
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The Tramways of Northumberland
Hearse, George S
- Catalogue No. 0892e
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Coaching in the North Country. Coaches Coachmen and Coaching Inns.
Jamieson, Michael
- Catalogue No. fg076
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Garments from Top to Toe
Jarring, Gunnar
- Catalogue No. g3725
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X-By Wire Automotive Systems. Pt-140
Jurgen, Ronald K [ed.]
- Catalogue No. e8512
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Bradford Corporation Motorbuses
King, J S
- Catalogue No. q0989
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De Rijn. Mannheim. Rheinau. Ned. Grens. Vaarwegen, Minste Vaarwaterdiepte, Ankerplaatsen, enz. Voor Schippers en Schippers, Vakscholen.
Kleijn, A A
- Catalogue No. e3945
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A Treatise on the Transport of Sick and Wounded Troops.
Longmore, T
- Catalogue No. e2642a
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A Dictionary, Practical Theoretical, and Historical, of Commerce and Commercial Navigation
McCulloch, J R
- Catalogue No. 3143
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Railways. Benn's Sixpenny Library No. 22
Monkswell, Lord
- Catalogue No. bsl022
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The Locomotive Stock Book 1939.
Pollock, D R;Smith, C;White, D E.
- Catalogue No. a0997
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London Transport Railways. Part 1. ABC.
Poole, S L
- Catalogue No. abc25a
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By Underground to Kew: London Transport Posters 1908 to the Present
Riddell, Jonathan, & Stearn, William T
- Catalogue No. g1203
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