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Ships and Seaman of Anglesey: 1558-1918. Studies in Anglesey History Volume 4.
Eames, Aled
- Catalogue No. q0190
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A Picturesque Description of the River Wye, From the Source to its Junction with the Severn.
Fielding, T H
- Catalogue No. e2818
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La Chanson de Roland
Gautier, Léon [tr.]
- Catalogue No. r8965
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Gwynedd. Inheriting a Revolution. The Archaeology of Industrialisation in North-West Wales
Gwyn, David
- Catalogue No. e6471
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The Book of South Wales. the Wye, and the Coast
Hall, Mr & Mrs S C
- Catalogue No. j7898a
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Trout and Salmon Fishing in Wales
Hansard, George Agar
- Catalogue No. e6437
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The Three Cliffs. 1974. Climbers' Club Guides to Wales.
Hatton, Pete
- Catalogue No. cgw21
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The River Dee: Its Aspect and History.
Howson, J S; Rimmer, Alfred
- Catalogue No. e5038
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Round About Snowdon
Huson, T [illus.]; Hissey, J J [notes]
- Catalogue No. r7592
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Welsh Ferns: A Descriptive Handbook
Hyde, H A; Wade, A E
- Catalogue No. r4972
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Plant Y Babell
Ifan, Wil
- Catalogue No. r0689
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When the Rose-Bush Brings Forth Apples. Limited Edition
Jones, Glyn [tr. and intro.]
- Catalogue No. r7776
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Ogwen. 1982. Climbers' Club Guides to Wales No 2.
Lepert, Zdzislaw
- Catalogue No. cgw14
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Prehistoric Man in Wales and the West. Essays in Honour of Lily F. Chitty.
Lynch, Francis; Burgess, Colin [eds.]
- Catalogue No. e6779
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Tremadog. 1983. Climbers' Club Guides to Wales.
McGinley, Leigh
- Catalogue No. cgw22
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Llanberis Pass. 1981. Climbers' Club Guides to Wales No 3.
Milburn, Geoff
- Catalogue No. cgw10
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Cornwall's Central Mines. The Northern District 1810-1885.
Morrison, T A
- Catalogue No. e3388a
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Tremadog and the Moelwyns. 1978. Climbers' Club Guides to Wales No 6.
Mortimer, Mike
- Catalogue No. cgw24
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Carneddau. 1966. Climbers' Club Guides to Wales No 1.
Moulam, A J J
- Catalogue No. cgw01
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Wales, North. A Handbook for Travellers in North Wales.
- Catalogue No. hft48
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