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The First Part of the Institutes of the Laws of England: or A Commentary upon Littleton, Not the Name of the Author Only, But of the Law It Self
Coke, Edwardo [Edward]
- Catalogue No. r2683
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Merlinus Anglicus Junior: Or The Starry Messenger For the Year of Our Redemption 1740 Being the Bissextile Or Leap Year
Coley, Henry
- Catalogue No. j8510
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Essays upon Several Moral Subjects Part 4
Collier, Jeremy
- Catalogue No. L1337
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Bibliotheca Anatomica, Medica, Chirurgica, &c. Containing a Description of the Several Parts of the Body Each Done by Some One of More Eminent Physician or Chirurgeon; with their Disease and Cures. 3 volume set.
- Catalogue No. e6675
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Bibliotheca Anatomica, Medica, Chirurgica, &c. Containing a Description of the Several Parts of the Body Each Done by Some One of More Eminent Physician or Chirurgeon; with their Disease and Cures. Volume 2 [of 3]
- Catalogue No. e6675a
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Captain Cook's Voyages Volume III: Captain Cook's Third Voyage (completion) + Voyage for Making Discoveries Towards the North Pole + The Voyage of Govenor Phillip to Botany Bay.
Cook, James; Phipps, Commodore; Lutwidge, Captain; Phillip, Govenor
- Catalogue No. g4006c
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The Manner of Raising, Ordering and Improving Forest-Trees: with Directions how to Plant, Make, and Keep Woods, Walks, Avenues, Lawns, Hedges, &c. ...
Cook, Moses
- Catalogue No. 3938a
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Mellificium Chirurgie: or The Marrow of Chirurgery. With the Anatomy of Human Bodies, According to the Most Modern Anatomists; Illustrated with Many Anatomical Observations. Institutions of Physick, with Hippocrates's Aphorisms Largely Commented Upon.
Cooke, Dr James; Gibson, Tho. [revised]
- Catalogue No. e4681
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Corpus Juris Civilis (Two volume set).
- Catalogue No. d2933
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Caii Crispi Sallustii quae exstant item epistolae de republica ordinanda declamatio in ciceronem et pseudo-ciceronis in sallustium nec non ivl exsuperantius de bellis civilibus ac porcius latro in atilinam recensuit diligentissime ...
Cortius, Gottlieb; Sallustii
- Catalogue No. L0873
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A Scholastical History of the Canon of the Holy Scripture or The Certain and Indubitate Books Thereof, as they are Received in the Church of England
Cosin, Dr John
- Catalogue No. e2287
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The Gentleman's Recreation: In Four Parts. Viz. Hunting, Hawking, Fowling, Fishing. Wherein these Generous Exercises are Largely Treated of, and the Terms of Art for Hunting and Hawking are More Amply Enlarged than Heretofore....
Cox, Nicholas
- Catalogue No. e4307
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Scotland's Soveraignty Asserted. Being A Dispute concerning Homage, against those who maintain that Scotland is a Feu, or Fee-Liege of England, and that therefore the King of Scots owes Homage to the King of England.
Craig, Sir Thomas; Ridpath, Geo. [translated by]
- Catalogue No. g5792
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Cursus Medicinae; or A Complete Theory of Physic in Five Parts.
Crawford, John
- Catalogue No. e4742
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The Lives and Characters of the Officers of the Crown of State in Scotland. Volume 1 [All published]
Crawfurd, George
- Catalogue No. L1514
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The Peerage of Scotland: Containing An Historical and Genealogical Account of the Nobility of that Kingdom
Crawfurd, George
- Catalogue No. r5519
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De Bello et Excidio Trojae, In Usum Serenissimi Delphini,
Cretensis, Dictys; Phyrygius, Dares; Daceriae, Annae; Iscanus, Josephus; Smids, Lud; Perizonius, Jac
- Catalogue No. r0553
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Novum Testamentum [New Testament]
Curcellaei, Steph [Preface]
- Catalogue No. r0765
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The Analysis of the Epistle of Saint Paul to the Romans.
Dale, John [preface by]
- Catalogue No. g3846
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Memoirs of St George the English Patron; of the Garter. Being an introduction to an intended History of the Antiquities of the Castle, Town and Borough of Windsor, with the parts adjacent, in the county of Berks.
Dawson, Thomas
- Catalogue No. g5134
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