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Cursus Medicinae; or A Complete Theory of Physic in Five Parts.
Crawford, John
- Catalogue No. e4742
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The Lives and Characters of the Officers of the Crown of State in Scotland. Volume 1 [All published]
Crawfurd, George
- Catalogue No. L1514
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The Peerage of Scotland: Containing an Historical and Genealogical Account of the Nobility of that Kingdom
Crawfurd, George
- Catalogue No. r5519
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De Bello et Excidio Trojae, In Usum Serenissimi Delphini,
Cretensis, Dictys; Phyrygius, Dares; Daceriae, Annae; Iscanus, Josephus; Smids, Lud; Perizonius, Jac
- Catalogue No. r0553
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Novum Testamentum [New Testament]
Curcellaei, Steph [Preface]
- Catalogue No. r0765
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The Analysis of the Epistle of Saint Paul to the Romans..
Dale, John [preface by]
- Catalogue No. g3846
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Memoirs of St George the English Patron; of the Garter. Being an introduction to an intended History of the Antiquities of the Castle, Town and Borough of Windsor, with the parts adjacent, in the county of Berks.
Dawson, Thomas
- Catalogue No. g5134
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The Princess of Cleves
de la Fayette, Madame; [Motier, Marie Madeleine]
- Catalogue No. r8115
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Histoire de Dannemarc, Avant et Depuis L'etablissement de la Monarchie. Six Volume Set.
de Roches, J B
- Catalogue No. d0919
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The History of the Conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards
de Solis, Antonio
- Catalogue No. d3607
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Historia Medica de Dysenteria Bilioso-Contagiosa, Qua MDCCXXXVI. Neomagi et in Vicinis Ei Pagis Epidemice Grassata Fuit. In Qua Simul Corticis Simarubae & Radicis Salab Effectus Exploratur....
Degner, Johan H [Jo Hartm Degneri]
- Catalogue No. e5321
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Observationes Chirurgicae de Calculo Renum, Vesicae, Urethrae, Lithotomiâ & Vesicae Punctura; In Quibus Lithotomiae Methodum, Quam Celeberrimus Joannes Jacobus Rau... [bound with] De Thermis Valderianis Dissertationes Duae. 2 works in one volume.
Denys, Jacobus; Fantono, Johanne
- Catalogue No. e5329
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Clovis, ou, La France Chrestienne.
- Catalogue No. d3197
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The Art of Being Easy at All Times and in All Places. Written Cheifly for the Use of a Lady of Quality
Deslandes, André François; Combe, Edward [transl.]
- Catalogue No. j7879
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The Church History of England, From the Year 1500, to the Year 1688. Chiefly with Regard to Catholicks. Volume II
Dodd, Charles
- Catalogue No. r1861
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The Anti-Logarithmic Canon. Being A Table of Numbers, Consisting of Eleven Places of Figures, Corresponding to All Logarithms under 100000
Dodson, James
- Catalogue No. r7961
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Paradoxes, Problems, Essayes, Characters, Written by Dr Donne, Dean of Pauls: To which is Added a Book of Epigrams ... As Also Ignatius his Conclave, A Satyr.
Donne, [John]
- Catalogue No. d0680
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Dissertatio Anatom Practica de Lienosis.
Drelincourt, Charles [ Caroli Drelincurtii]; Bellini, D Laurentii
- Catalogue No. e5322
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Fables Ancient and Modern
Dryden, John
- Catalogue No. 1961
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Fabled Ancient and Modern; Translated Into Verse, From Homer, Ovid, Boccace, & Chaucer: With Original Poems.
Dryden, Mr
- Catalogue No. e5143
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