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Opera Medica, Theoretica, Practica et Chirurgica, Quae Omnia Variis Observationibus, Experimentis, Tam Ex Corporibus Valetudinariis, Cadaveribus, Quam Ex Mechancis. Vol. II.
Blankaart, Stephen [Steph. Blancardi]
- Catalogue No. e5806
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Nomo-Lexicon: A Law-Dictionary . Interpreting such Difficult and Obscure Words and Terms, as are Found Either in Our Common or Statute, Ancient or Modern Lawes
Blount, Thomas
- Catalogue No. r3465
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Theatrum Machinarum Novum Exhibens Aquarias, Alatas, Iumenrarias, Manurias, Pedibus ac Ponderibus Versatiles, Plures, et Diversas Molas ...
Böekler, George Andreas [Georg'i Andreæ Böckleri] [Boekler]
- Catalogue No. d3372
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Sermo Academicus de Comparando Certo in Physicis..[I] Question de Medecine dans Laquelle on Examine [II] Le Baillon [III]. 5 Lettres de M. Anstruc [IV] Deo Optimo Max Uni et Trino..Quaestio Medica.[V] Dissertatio Medica Inauguraluis de Leucophlegmatia VI
Boerhaave, Herman; Astruc, M; Nettirvill, Eduardus, and others
- Catalogue No. e6094
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Aphorismes de Monsieur Herman Boerhaave sur La Connoissance et La Cure des Maladies
Boerhaave, Herman; Métrie, M. de la [tr.]
- Catalogue No. r5467
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Consolationis Philosopiae Libros Quinque Interpretatione et Notis Illustravit [ The Consolation of Philosophy.]
Boethius [Boëtii], Anicii Manlii Severini; Callyus, Petrus [ed.]
- Catalogue No. r4449
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Circulus Anatomico-Physiologicus seu Oeconomia Corporis Animalis... [bound with] De Renunciatione Vulnerum seu Vulnerum Lethalium Examen, cui Accesserunt Dissertationes Binae de Partu Enecato,.... 2 volumes in one.
Bohn, Johannes
- Catalogue No. e5955
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Oeuvres de Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux avec des Eclaircissemens Historique, Donnez par Luimeme. (4 volume set)
Boileau-Despréaux, Nicolas
- Catalogue No. d3195
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Sepulchretum Sive Anatomia Practica, ex Cadaveribus Morbo Denatis, Proponens Historias et Observationes Omnium Humani Corporis Assectum, Ipsorumq; Causas Reconditas Revelans. 3 volume set.
Bonet, Theophilus [Theophili Boneti]
- Catalogue No. r9987
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La Maniere de Bien Penser dans Les Ouvrages D'Esprit. Dialogues.
Bouhours, Dominique
- Catalogue No. r3655
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Historia Litteraria: or, An Exact and Early Account of the Most Valuable Books Published in Several Parts of Europe. Number XIX- XXIII. Vol. IV. 5 parts in one volume.
Bower, Archibald [ed.]
- Catalogue No. r9325
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A Philosophical Account of the Works of Nature: As Founded upon a Plan of the Late Mr Addison.
Bradley, Richard
- Catalogue No. r7351
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Art of Angling. Rock and Sea-fishing with a Natural History of River Pond and Sea-Fish
Brookes, R
- Catalogue No. L0866a
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Myographia Nova: or a Graphical Description of All the Muscles in the Human Body, As They Arise in Dissection: Distributed in Six Lectures.... Together with a Philosophical and Mathematical Account of the Mechanism of Muscular Motion.
Browne, John
- Catalogue No. r9948
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Experimenta Nova Circa Pancreas; Atque Diatribe de Lympha & Genuino Pancreatis Usu.
Brunner, Joh Conr
- Catalogue No. e5807
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Scoti Poemata Quae Extant
Buchanan, George [Buchanani, Georgii]
- Catalogue No. r6226
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Opera Omnia, Historica, Chronologica, Juridica, Politica, Satyrica & Peotica. 2 volume set.
Buchanan, George [by Georgii Buchanani edited by Thoma Ruddimanno and Petri Burmanni]
- Catalogue No. L0053
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Grobianus. Or The Compleat [Complete] Booby. An Ironical Poem in Three Books.
Bull, Roger [pseud.]; Dedekind, Friderick
- Catalogue No. j5036
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The Memoires of the Lives and Actions of James and William Dukes of Hamilton and Castleherald... Together with Many letters, Instructions, and Other Papers Written by King Charles I. In Seven Books.
Burnet, Gilbert
- Catalogue No. j8851
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Hudibras, In Three Parts. Written in the Time of the Late Wars, Corrected and Amended: with Additions.
Butler, Samuel
- Catalogue No. d3216
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