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Dissertations on A Dropsy, A Tympany, The Jaundice, The Stone, and a Diabetes.
Blackmore, Sir Richard
- Catalogue No. e4889
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Opera Medica, Theoretica, Practica et Chirurgica, Quae Omnia Variis Observationibus, Experimentis, Tam Ex Corporibus Valetudinariis, Cadaveribus, Quam Ex Mechancis. Vol. II.
Blankaart, Stephen [Steph. Blancardi]
- Catalogue No. e5806
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Anatome Animalium, Terrestrium Variorum, Volatilium, Aquatilium, Serpentum, Insectorum, Ovorumque, Structuram Naturalem. [The Anatomy of Animals, Land, Sea, Air, Serpents, Insects... The Structure of Natural Things From Vertebrae]
Blasius, Gerard; [Blaes, Gerard]
- Catalogue No. j9596
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Nomo-Lexicon: A Law-Dictionary . Interpreting such Difficult and Obscure Words and Terms, as are Found Either in Our Common or Statute, Ancient or Modern Lawes
Blount, Thomas
- Catalogue No. r3465
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The Decameron, or Ten Days Entertainment of Boccace.
Boccaccio, Giovanni; Stothat, T [illus.]
- Catalogue No. r2839c
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Theatrum Machinarum Novum Exhibens Aquarias, Alatas, Iumenrarias, Manurias, Pedibus ac Ponderibus Versatiles, Plures, et Diversas Molas ...
Böekler, George Andreas [Georg'i Andreæ Böckleri] [Boekler]
- Catalogue No. d3372
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Sermo Academicus de Comparando Certo in Physicis..[I] Question de Medecine dans Laquelle on Examine [II] Le Baillon [III]. 5 Lettres de M. Anstruc [IV] Deo Optimo Max Uni et Trino..Quaestio Medica.[V] Dissertatio Medica Inauguraluis de Leucophlegmatia VI
Boerhaave, Herman; Astruc, M; Nettirvill, Eduardus, and others
- Catalogue No. e6094
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Aphorismes de Monsieur Herman Boerhaave sur La Connoissance et La Cure des Maladies
Boerhaave, Herman; Métrie, M. de la [tr.]
- Catalogue No. r5467
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Consolationis Philosopiae Libros Quinque Interpretatione et Notis Illustravit [ The Consolation of Philosophy.]
Boethius [Boëtii], Anicii Manlii Severini; Callyus, Petrus [ed.]
- Catalogue No. r4449
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Circulus Anatomico-Physiologicus seu Oeconomia Corporis Animalis... [bound with] De Renunciatione Vulnerum seu Vulnerum Lethalium Examen, cui Accesserunt Dissertationes Binae de Partu Enecato,.... 2 volumes in one.
Bohn, Johannes
- Catalogue No. e5955
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Oeuvres de Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux avec des Eclaircissemens Historique, Donnez par Luimeme. (4 volume set)
Boileau-Despréaux, Nicolas
- Catalogue No. d3195
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Sepulchretum Sive Anatomia Practica, ex Cadaveribus Morbo Denatis, Proponens Historias et Observationes Omnium Humani Corporis Assectum, Ipsorumq; Causas Reconditas Revelans. 3 volume set.
Bonet, Theophilus [Theophili Boneti]
- Catalogue No. r9987
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La Maniere de Bien Penser dans Les Ouvrages D'Esprit. Dialogues.
Bouhours, Dominique
- Catalogue No. r3655
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A Philosophical Account of the Works of Nature: As Founded upon a Plan of the Late Mr Addison.
Bradley, Richard
- Catalogue No. r7351
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Art of Angling. Rock and Sea-fishing with a Natural History of River Pond and Sea-Fish
Brookes, R
- Catalogue No. L0866a
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Myographia Nova: or a Graphical Description of All the Muscles in the Human Body, As They Arise in Dissection: Distributed in Six Lectures.... Together with a Philosophical and Mathematical Account of the Mechanism of Muscular Motion.
Browne, John
- Catalogue No. r9948
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Scoti Poemata Quae Extant
Buchanan, George [Buchanani, Georgii]
- Catalogue No. r6226
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Opera Omnia, Historica, Chronologica, Juridica, Politica, Satyrica & Peotica. 2 volume set.
Buchanan, George [by Georgii Buchanani edited by Thoma Ruddimanno and Petri Burmanni]
- Catalogue No. L0053
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Grobianus. Or The Compleat [Complete] Booby. An Ironical Poem in Three Books.
Bull, Roger [pseud.]; Dedekind, Friderick
- Catalogue No. j5036
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Hudibras, In Three Parts. Written in the Time of the Late Wars, Corrected and Amended: with Additions.
Butler, Samuel
- Catalogue No. d3216
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