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A Treatise on the Fistula of the Anus;..To Which are Added: Several Valuable Pieces Upon the Same Subject: Collected form the Writings of Fabricius ab Aquapendento, Peter de Marchettis; And Others the Most Celebrated Surgeons and Operators of Their Time.
Astruc, John; Barrowby, W [tr.]
- Catalogue No. e4890
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A Treatise of the Venereal Disease, in Six Books; Containing An Account of the Original, Propagation, and Contagion of this Distemper in General. As Also of the Nature, Cause, and Cure of All Venereal Disorders in Particular, Whether Local or Universal.
Astruc, John; Barrowby, William [tr.]
- Catalogue No. e4931
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Resuscitatio Or, Bringing into Public Light Several Pieces of the Works Civil, Historical, Philosophical, and Theological, Hitherto Sleeping. Of The Right Honourable Francis Bacon Baron of Verulam, In Two Parts.
Bacon, Francis
- Catalogue No. g4864
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Sylva Sylvarum: or, A Natural Historie, In Ten Centuries.
Bacon, Francis
- Catalogue No. g4863
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An Historical and Political Discourse of the Laws and Government
Bacon, Nathaniel [Seldon, John]
- Catalogue No. 2586
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An Attempt Towards a Natural History of the Polype: In a Letter to Martin Folkes, Esq; President of the Royal Society.
Baker, Henry
- Catalogue No. e5304
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Historia Medicinae, In Qua, Si Non Omnia, Pleraque Saltem, Medicorum Ratiocinia, Dogmata, Hypotheses, Sectae, &c. Quae Ad Nostra Tempora Inclaruerunt, Pertractantur.
Barchusen, J Conr
- Catalogue No. e5323
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An Essay on the Agreement Betwixt Ancient and Modern Pyhsicians: or A Comparison Between the Practice of Hippocrates, Galen, Sydenham, and Boerhave, in Acute Diseases. Intended to Shew, What the Practice of Physick, in Such Distempers, Ought To Be.
Barker, John
- Catalogue No. e5868
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Militarie Discipline: or The Young Artillery-Man. Wherein is Discoursed and Shown the Postures Both of Musket and Pike the Exactest Way, &c. Together with the Exercise of the Foot in Their Motions, with Much Variety:...
Barriffe, William Lieut. Col
- Catalogue No. e4260
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Euclide's Elements...
Barrow, Isaac; Haselden, Thomas
- Catalogue No. e8253
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Specimen Historiae Anatomicae Partium Corporis Humani Ad Recventiorum Mentum Accomodatarae Novisque Observationibus Illustratae
Bartholinus, Casparus
- Catalogue No. e5330
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Pharmacopoeia Bateana. Qua Nongenta Circiter Pharmaca, Pleraq; Omnia e Praxi G Batei Secundo Medici Primarii Excerpta, Ordine Alphabetico Concise Exhibentur. Arcana Goddardiana Ex Autographo Authoris Desumpta.. .Tabula Posologica
Bate, George; Shipton, Jas [ed.]; Goddard, Jonathan
- Catalogue No. e2459
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Fifty Comedies and Tragedies. All in One Volume
Beaumont, Francis; Fletcher, John
- Catalogue No. r5974
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Admiranda Romanarum Antiquitatum ac Veteris Sculpturae Vestigia Anaglyphico Opere Elaborata ex Marmoreis Exemplaribus quae Romae Adhuc Extant in Capitolio Aedibus Hortisque Virorum Principum ...
Bellori, G P (Petri Bellorii)
- Catalogue No. e0124
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Histoire Cronologique de la Medecine, et des Medecins, oú Il est traité de L'Origine, du Progrés, & de tout ce qui Apartient à Cette Science. Du Devoir des Medecins à l'égard des Malades.
Bernier, J
- Catalogue No. r9937
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Historia Hepatica... Seu Theoria ac Praxis Omnium Morborum Hepatis, & Bilis, cum Ejusdem Visceris Anatome Pluribus in Partibus Novâ. I Oratio Pro Solemni Instauratione Taurinensis Archigymnasii. II Praelectio Anatomica. III. Anatomica Oratio. IV [Vol. 2]
Bianchi, Joannis Bapistae
- Catalogue No. e5977
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Vetus Testamentum Graecum ex Versione Septuaginta Interpretum, Juxta Exemplar Vaticanum Romae Editum, Accuratissime Ad Amussim Recusum
Bible; [Daniel, Rogerus]
- Catalogue No. r0795
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The Lucubrations of Isaac Bickerstaff. The Tatler. 5 volume set.
Bickerstaff, Isaac; [Steele, Richard; Swift, Jonathan; Addison, Joseph]
- Catalogue No. j5685
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A Treatise Upon the Small-Pox ..Containing, I. An Account of the Nature and Several Kinds of that Disease, with the Proper Methods of Cure. II. A Dissertation Upon the Modern Practice of Inoculation.[bound with] A Discourse Upon the Plague.. 2 Vols in one...
Blackmore, Richard
- Catalogue No. e4893
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A Treatise of Consumptions and Other Distempers Belonging to the Breast and Lungs.
Blackmore, Sir Richard
- Catalogue No. e4721
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