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Histoire Naturelle Des Poissons Avec Les Figures Dessinées D'Après Nature. Volume X only.
Bloch; Deserve, J E [illus.]
- Catalogue No. e6724j
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The Horkey .. A Provincial Ballad.
Bloomfield, Robert
- Catalogue No. 5488
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Wild Flowers; or, Pastoral and Local Poetry
Bloomfield, Robert
- Catalogue No. e1037
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Five Fall Into Adventure
Blyton, Enid; Soper, Eileen A [illus.]
- Catalogue No. blf06ah
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The Decameron. Two Volume Set plus Portfolio with Eight Extra Plates.
Boccaccio, Giovanni; Chalon, Louis [illus.]; Rigg, J M [trans.]
- Catalogue No. 1041a
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Ten Tales from the Decameron
Boccaccio, Giovanni; Lucchesi, Edmondo [illus.]
- Catalogue No. j4101a
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Theatrum Machinarum Novum Exhibens Aquarias, Alatas, Iumenrarias, Manurias, Pedibus ac Ponderibus Versatiles, Plures, et Diversas Molas ...
Böekler, George Andreas [Georg'i Andreæ Böckleri] [Boekler]
- Catalogue No. d3372
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Histoire Naturelle Des Vers, Contenant Leur Description et Leurs Moeurs; Avec Figures Dessinées D'Apres Nature. 3 volume set.
Bosc, L A G; Deserve, J E [illus.]
- Catalogue No. e6726
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The Gate of Smaragdus
Bottomley, Gordon; Balmer, Clinton [illus.]
- Catalogue No. j3721
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Guide to the Science of Photo-Micrography
Bousfield, Edward C
- Catalogue No. d3376
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Hunting in Hard Times
Bowers, G
- Catalogue No. d3575
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Costume in Detail. Women's Dress 1730-1930
Bradfield, Nancy
- Catalogue No. d2014
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The Ancient Castles of England and Wales, engraved by . Woolnoth, from original engravings by eminent Artists, with Historical Description by E. W. Brayley. Volumes I & II.
Brayley, E W
- Catalogue No. d2647
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A History of the Birds of Europe Not Observed in the British Isles. 4 volumes in 2.
Bree, Charles Robert
- Catalogue No. r2783
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Merveilles de la Nature. L'Homme et les Animaux. Les Oiseaux. [Wonders of Nature. Man and Animals. Birds.]
Brehm, A E
- Catalogue No. j8990
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The Architectural Association Sketch Book. 1912
Brewer, C C; Fyfe, Theodore; Green, W Curtis; Hall, H A [eds.]
- Catalogue No. aas1912
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The Architectural Association Sketch Book. 1911
Brewer, C C; Fyfe,Theodore; Green, W Curtis; Hall, H A [eds.]
- Catalogue No. aas1911
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Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale's Golden Book of Famous Women.
Brickdale, Eleanor Fortesque [Marlowe; Shakespeare; Byron; Milton; Tennyson; Pope; Delone; Hunt; Southey; Cowper; Coleridge etc]
- Catalogue No. d0741
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Furniture with Candelabra and Interior Decoration Designed by R. Bridgens
Bridgens, R; Shaw, Henry [illus.]
- Catalogue No. c1980
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Eros and Psyche
Bridges, Robert
- Catalogue No. 1111
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