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Admiranda Romanarum Antiquitatum ac Veteris Sculpturae Vestigia Anaglyphico Opere Elaborata ex Marmoreis Exemplaribus quae Romae Adhuc Extant in Capitolio Aedibus Hortisque Virorum Principum ...
Bellori, G P (Petri Bellorii)
- Catalogue No. e0124
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The Tiger Club. A Tribute. Volume I 1957-1966.
Benjamin, Lewis
- Catalogue No. d0379
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Handbook of the British Flora, a description of the flowering plants and ferns indigenous to, or naturalised in the British Isles, for the use of beginners and amateurs
Bentham, George
- Catalogue No. d3119a
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The Looking Glass for the Mind or Intellectual Mirror
Berquin, R
- Catalogue No. t1398
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Newcastle upon Tyne: A Sketch Book
Bertram, Robert J S
- Catalogue No. j4142aa
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History of the Berwickshire Naturalists Club. 1890 - 1891
Berwickshire Naturalists' Club
- Catalogue No. bnc890
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The Hive of Ancient & Modern Literature: A Collection of Essays, Narratives, Allegories, and Instructive Compositions.
Bewick, T; Clennell, L [illustrators]
- Catalogue No. r2094
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Memorial Edition of Thomas Bewick's Works. Five volume set.
Bewick, Thomas
- Catalogue No. 3804a
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Select Fables; with Cuts, Designed and Engraved by Thomas and John Bewick, and Others Previous to the Year 1784.
Bewick, Thomas and John
- Catalogue No. fg290
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The Human Body. Puffin Picture Book No. 102.
Bibby, Cyril; Morison, Ian T
- Catalogue No. pufp102
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The British Monarchy or a New Chorographical Description of all the Dominions Subject to the King of Great Britain.
Bickham, George
- Catalogue No. fg033
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Illustrations of the Architectural Antiquities of the County of Durham.
Billings, Robert William
- Catalogue No. d0259a
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The Illustrations of Carlisle Cathedral
Billings, Robert William
- Catalogue No. d1641
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The Natural Method of Healing. Volume I
Bilz, F E
- Catalogue No. r2493
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Brief Candles
Binyon, Laurence; Binyon, Helen [illus.]
- Catalogue No. bns0154
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History of Ancient Pottery. 2 volume set.
Birch, Samuel
- Catalogue No. d1446
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Travelling in Spain
Blackburn, H
- Catalogue No. 4409
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Bible Beasts and Birds
Blackburn, Mrs Hugh
- Catalogue No. r2235
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The ABC of Nineteenth-Century Old English China
Blacker, J F
- Catalogue No. d1979b
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Views of the Newcastle & Carlisle Railway
Blackmore, John
- Catalogue No. 4213
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