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Art in Relation to Medical Science. Being the substance of an Introductory Address delivered at the Medical and Physical Society of St Thomas's Hospital, October 1885.
Anderson, William
- Catalogue No. g4771
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Verses on Mans Mortalitie with an Other of the Hope of His Resurrection. Reprinted with woodcuts by L.H.
- Catalogue No. j1658
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An Accurate Description and History of the Cathedral and Metropolical Church of St. Peter, York from it's first Foundation to the present Year.
- Catalogue No. t0389
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The American Textbook of Prosthetic Dentistry
Anthony, L Pierce
- Catalogue No. d1133
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Company Drawings in the India Office Library
Archer, Mildred
- Catalogue No. d3991a
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Our Sovereign Lady Queen Victoria: Her Life and Jubilee 1887. Vol I, II, III and IV. Illustrated by an Original Series of Highly-Finished Etchings. Large Paper Edition (Edition de Luxe), restricted to 600 copies. Four volume set.
Archer, Thomas
- Catalogue No. L0108
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Roland Furieux [Orlando Furioso]
Arioste; du Pays, A.-J. [tr.] Doré, Gustave [illus.]
- Catalogue No. r8715
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Gainsborough and his Place in English Art
Armstrong, Walter
- Catalogue No. d2718
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Scottish Painters; A Critical Study. Presentation copy.
Armstrong, Walter
- Catalogue No. d0818
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Sammlung von Initialen aus Werken vom 11.-17 Jahrhundrert. Band I
Arnold, Xaver [ed.]
- Catalogue No. r3314
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Industrial Archaeology of North-East England. Volume 1 only.
Atkinson, Frank
- Catalogue No. ind17
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"Curry & Rice" : The Ingredients of Social Life at "Our Station" in India
Atkinson, George Francklin
- Catalogue No. t0798
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Stonehenge and Avebury and Neighbouring Monuments
Atkinson, R J C
- Catalogue No. r2092
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Wildfowl in Great Britain
Atkinson-Welles, G L [ed.]
- Catalogue No. d4165
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Aunt Louisa's London Toy Books; Edith and Milly's Housekeeping
Aunt Louisa
- Catalogue No. d2362a
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Northanger Abbey and Persuasion. With a preface by Austin Dobson and Illustrations by Hugh Thomson. Macmillan Peacock Edition.
Austen, Jane; Thomson, Hugh [illus.]; Dobson, Austin [preface]
- Catalogue No. ja06ha
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Boldon Book. Northumberland and Durham. Domesday Book, Supplementary Volume 35.
Austin, David [ed.]
- Catalogue No. 4679
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Precis Historique de la Revolution Francoise
Babaut, J P
- Catalogue No. d2809
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Thomas Bewick: An Illustrated Record of His Life and Work
Bain, Iain
- Catalogue No. d3983
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The Watercolours and Drawings of Thomas Bewick and His Workshop Apprentices. Two volume set.
Bain, Iain [ed.]
- Catalogue No. g2479
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