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British Clubs. Britain in Pictures No 63.
Darwin, Bernard
- Catalogue No. bip063a
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The Great Parish of Simonburn from Hadrian's Wall to Carter Bar.
Davis, C D Ward
- Catalogue No. fg186
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Memoirs of St George the English Patron; of the Garter. Being an introduction to an intended History of the Antiquities of the Castle, Town and Borough of Windsor, with the parts adjacent, in the county of Berks.
Dawson, Thomas
- Catalogue No. g5134
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Sport in Egypt
Day, J Wentworth
- Catalogue No. j3304
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Wren's London
de Mare, Eric
- Catalogue No. fol225a
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Aux Pays de Napoléon. L'Italie 1796-97-1800. D'Albenga a Leoben- Passage des Alpes- Marengo
de Metz, Jean
- Catalogue No. r3479
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Ville de Paris. Recueil des Clauses Connues Sous Le Nom de Réserves Domaniales Imposées aux Acquéreurs de Biens Nationaux ou Hospitaliers.... Suivi D'Un Atlas Indiquant La Situation des Immeubles Grevés
de Selves, M; Bernard, A
- Catalogue No. e4582
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Highways & Byways in Normandy
Dearmer, Percy; Pennell, Joseph [illus.]
- Catalogue No. hb25a
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A Tour Thro' the whole Island of Great Britain, Divided into Circuits or Journies. Two volume set.
Defoe, Daniel
- Catalogue No. g5161
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A Tour Thro' the whole Island of Great Britain, Divided into Circuits or Journies. Volume II only
Defoe, Daniel
- Catalogue No. g5161a
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Brief Guide and Gazetteer to the Exmoor Country
Delderfield, Eric R
- Catalogue No. bop0060
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The Romance of the Colorado River. The Story of its Discovery in 1540, with an Account of the Later Explorations, and with Special Reference to the Voyages of Powell through the Line of the Great Canyons
Dellenbaugh, Frederick S
- Catalogue No. r8361
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L'Angleterre ou Description Historique et Topographique de Royaume Uni de La Grande-Bretagne. 6 volumes in three
Depping, G B
- Catalogue No. r4546
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The White Squadron
Desana, Dorothy
- Catalogue No. bgd247
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The Book of Bond Street Old and New.
Desebrock, Jean
- Catalogue No. j0221
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A Bibliographical Antiquarian and Picturesque Tour in France and Germany. Three volume set.
Dibdin, Thomas Frognall
- Catalogue No. d1626b
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Highways & Byways in Galloway and Carrick
Dick, C H
- Catalogue No. hb13
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The Place Names of Northamptonshire. English Place Name Society, Volume XXI.
Dickins, Bruce
- Catalogue No. pn21
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A Glossary of the Words and Phrases Pertaining to the Dialect of Cumberland
Dickinson, W; Prevost, E W; Brown, S Dickson
- Catalogue No. 1485
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The Cottages and The Village Life of Rural England
Ditchfield, P H
- Catalogue No. e5682
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