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The Magazine of Natural History, and Journal of Zoology, Botany, Mineralogy, Geology, and Meteorology. Volume VI. 1833.
Loudon, J C [ed.]
- Catalogue No. mnh06
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Wild Flowers of Chalk & Limestone. New Naturalist No. 16
Lousley, J E
- Catalogue No. nn016c
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A Natural History of British Grasses
Lowe, E J
- Catalogue No. 1713c
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Silviculture of the Mixed Deciduous Forests of Nigeria. Oxford Forestry Memoirs Number 18, 1934.
MacGregor, W D
- Catalogue No. g3127
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A Vertebrate Fauna of Lakeland Including Cumberland and Westmorland with Lancashire North of the Sands.
MacPherson, H A
- Catalogue No. j3873b
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British Knapweeds.
Marsden-Jones, E. M: Turrill, W. B
- Catalogue No. g4477
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Flora Rustica. Volume II only.
Martyn, Thomas; Nodder, Frederick P [illus.]
- Catalogue No. j8410
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European Fungus Flora Agaricaceae
Massee, George
- Catalogue No. e5774
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The Florist and Pomologist. A Pictorial Monthly Magazine of Flowers, Fruits and General Horticulture, 1876 and 1877. Bound in one volume.
Moore, Thomas
- Catalogue No. j5754
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Hunting Horns. Poems of Apollinaire.
Morse, Barry, [trans by]
- Catalogue No. g0499
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Transactions of The British Mycological Society. Volume 67. Part 2. October 1976
Morton, A G [ed.]
- Catalogue No. tms672
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Transactions of The British Mycological Society. Volume 67. Part 3. December 1976
Morton, A G [ed.]
- Catalogue No. tms673
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Biotechnology and Ecology of Pollen
Mulcahy, David L; Mulcahy, Gabriella Bergamini; Ottaviano, Ercole
- Catalogue No. r2069
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The Chemistry of Vegetable and Animal Physiology. 4 volume set.
Mülder, Gerrit Jan; Johnston, James F W [ed.]
- Catalogue No. j7385
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Ustilaginales of India
Mundkur, B B; Thirumalachar, M J
- Catalogue No. 3614
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The Botanist in Skye: Check-list of the Plants of the Islands of Skye and Raasay as Known to the End of 1979.
Murray, C W; Birks, H J B
- Catalogue No. e3364
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Microfossils From Recent and Fossil Shelf Seas. British Micropalaeontological Society Series.
Neale, J W Brasier,M D [ed]
- Catalogue No. g4547
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Collected Papers. Volume I. 1930-1938.
Ogg, W G [ed.]; The Macaulay Institute for Soil Research
- Catalogue No. r2116
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The Natural History of Plants, Their Forms, Growth, Reproduction and Distribution. Two volume set.
Oliver, F W [transl.]; von Marilaun, Anton Kerner
- Catalogue No. j6555
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Identifying Characters for Cacao Clones
Ostendorf, F W
- Catalogue No. r1128
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