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Essai sur L'Histoire Naturelle de La mer Adriatique.., Avec Une Lettre due Docteur Leonard Sesler Sur Une Nouvelle Espece de Plante Terrestre
Donati, Vitaliano
- Catalogue No. e5299
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The Murmur of Wings
Dubkin, Leonard
- Catalogue No. j5553
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Edmondston's Flora of Shetland
Edmondston, Thomas; Saxby, C F Argyll
- Catalogue No. h0211
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As The Water Flows
Eleanor Barnes (Lady Yarrow)
- Catalogue No. t0049
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An Introduction to a Scandinavian Pollen Flora.
Erdtman, G; Berglund, B; Praglowski, J
- Catalogue No. r2273a
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The Coastal Zone of West Africa: Problems and Management.
Evans, S M, Vanderpuye, C J Armah, A K
- Catalogue No. j2111
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Roses at the Cape of Good Hope. Signed copy.
Fagan, Gwen
- Catalogue No. j9133
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Wayside and Woodland Fungi
Findlay, W P K
- Catalogue No. j8454
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Zur Kenntnis der Alpinen Flora im Nördlichen Argentinien
Fries, Robert E
- Catalogue No. j1723
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The Botanical Bulletin of the Presidency College Madras.
Fyson, P. F [ed]
- Catalogue No. g5202
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Forest Entomology
Gillanders, A T
- Catalogue No. t1251
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British Botanists. Britain in Pictures No 79.
Gilmour, John
- Catalogue No. bip079a
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Wild Flowers. New Naturalist No 5
Gilmour, John; Walters, Max
- Catalogue No. nn005ac
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Our Trees and How To Know Them. No 8
Gowans's Nature Books; King, Jessie M [illus.]
- Catalogue No. gnb08
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Magic Mushrooms Around the World: A Scientific Journey Across Cultures and Time.
Gratz, Jochen; Taake, Claudia [trans.]
- Catalogue No. h1278
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Catalogue of the Fossil Bryzoa in the British Museum: The Jurassic Bryzoa.
Gregory, J W
- Catalogue No. cbm08
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Catalogue of the Fossil Bryzoas in the British Museum: The Cretaceous Bryzoa. 4 volume set.
Gregory, J W
- Catalogue No. cbm07
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Plant Studies for Artists, Designers, and Art Students
Haité, George Charles
- Catalogue No. r2077
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A Flora of Cumbria, comprising the Vice-counties of Westmorland with Furness, Cumberland and Parts of North-west Yorkshire and North Lancashire.
Halliday, Geoffrey
- Catalogue No. g3332a
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Science Papers, Chiefly Pharmacological and Botanical.
Hanbury, Daniel
- Catalogue No. r8642
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