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American Hunting and Fishing Books. Volume 1
Heller, Morris
- Catalogue No. j8807
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My Life as an Angler. Author's presentation copy.
Henderson, William; Evand, Edmund [illus.]
- Catalogue No. r6401a
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Charles Cotton and his River
Heywood, Gerald G P
- Catalogue No. d0266
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The Fishes of the Pacific Coast: A Handbook for Sportsmen and Tourists
Holder, Charles Frederick
- Catalogue No. L0473
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The Game Fishes of the World
Holder, Charles Frederick
- Catalogue No. e3688
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Deep-Sea Fishing and Fishing Boats. An Account of the Practical Working of the Various Fisheries Around the British Islands with Illustrations and Descriptions of the Boats, Nets and Other Gear in Use.
Holdsworth, Edmund W H
- Catalogue No. e3788
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Fishing in Many Waters
Hornell, James
- Catalogue No. e6292
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British Fresh-Water Fishes
Houghton, The Rev W; Lydon, A F [illus.]
- Catalogue No. r5562
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British Fresh-Water Fishes
Houghton, W
- Catalogue No. r5562b
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The Hardy Book of Flies
House of Hardy.
- Catalogue No. g5866
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The Angler's Manual; or, Concise Lessons of Experience, which the proficient in the delightful recreation of angling will not despise and the learner will find the advantage of practising.
Howitt, Samuel
- Catalogue No. L0566
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Our Fishing Diary. Hampton Bishop 1908-1933
Hutton, J Arthur
- Catalogue No. r7051
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The Life-History of The Salmon. Publications of The Aberdeen Natural History and Antiquarian Society No 5.
Hutton, J Arthur
- Catalogue No. L0454
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Offshore. Ocean Racing, Fast Cruising, Modern Yacht Handling and Equipment.
Illingworth, J H
- Catalogue No. j3811
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The Practical Fly-Fisher; More Particularly for Grayling or Umber
Jackson, John
- Catalogue No. L0487a
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London' Blame, If Not Its Shame: Manifested by the Great Neglect of the Fishery....
Jenner, Thomas
- Catalogue No. e6996
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Freshwater Fishes. First Series. Gowans Nature Books No. 6.
Johnson, Walford B; Johnson, Stanley C [illus.]
- Catalogue No. gnb06
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James Johnstone Memorial Volume
Johnstone, James
- Catalogue No. d1418
More details
The Salmon. New Naturalist Monograph No. 16.
Jones, J W
- Catalogue No. nmn16a
More details
Classic Rods and Rodmakers
Keane, Martin J
- Catalogue No. j6483
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