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British Fresh-Water Fishes
Houghton, The Rev W; Lydon, A F [illus.]
- Catalogue No. r5562
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British Fresh-Water Fishes
Houghton, W
- Catalogue No. r5562b
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The Hardy Book of Flies
House of Hardy.
- Catalogue No. g5866
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The Angler's Manual; or, Concise Lessons of Experience, which the proficient in the delightful recreation of angling will not despise and the learner will find the advantage of practising.
Howitt, Samuel
- Catalogue No. L0566
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Our Fishing Diary. Hampton Bishop 1908-1933
Hutton, J Arthur
- Catalogue No. r7051
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The Life-History of The Salmon. Publications of The Aberdeen Natural History and Antiquarian Society No 5.
Hutton, J Arthur
- Catalogue No. L0454
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Offshore. Ocean Racing, Fast Cruising, Modern Yacht Handling and Equipment.
Illingworth, J H
- Catalogue No. j3811
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The Practical Fly-Fisher; More Particularly for Grayling or Umber
Jackson, John
- Catalogue No. L0487a
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London' Blame, If Not Its Shame: Manifested by the Great Neglect of the Fishery....
Jenner, Thomas
- Catalogue No. e6996
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Freshwater Fishes. First Series. Gowans Nature Books No. 6.
Johnson, Walford B; Johnson, Stanley C [illus.]
- Catalogue No. gnb06
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James Johnstone Memorial Volume
Johnstone, James
- Catalogue No. d1418
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The Salmon. New Naturalist Monograph No. 16.
Jones, J W
- Catalogue No. nmn16a
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Classic Rods and Rodmakers
Keane, Martin J
- Catalogue No. j6483
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The Practical Fisherman: Dealing with the Natural History, the Legendary Lore, the Capture of British Freshwater Fish, and Tackle and Tackle Making.
Keene, J H [John Harrington]
- Catalogue No. e1220
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The Salmon Fly: How to Dress It and How to Use It.
Kelson, Geo M
- Catalogue No. e6433
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Shooting and Fishing in Lower Brittany. A Complete and Practical Guide to Sportsmen.
Kemp, John
- Catalogue No. L0568
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Shooting and Fishing in Lower Brittany. A Complete and Practical Guide to Sportsmen.
Kemp, John
- Catalogue No. L0568a
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Fishing Tackle for Collectors
Kewley, Charles; Farrar, Howard
- Catalogue No. r5473
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The Compleat Kilburn. A Collection of Published Essays by Jim Kilburn [1968-1977] on Flyfishing for Trout and Salmon in British Columbia.
Kilburn, Jim
- Catalogue No. e3166
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The Sportsman and Naturalist in Canada, or Notes on the Natural History of the Game, Game Birds, and Fish of That Country
King, Major W Ross
- Catalogue No. r8314
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