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The Dry-Fly Man's Handbook A Complete Manual Including the Fisherman's Etymology and the Making and Management of Fishery
Halford, Frederick M
- Catalogue No. j9721
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Trout and Salmon Fishing in Wales
Hansard, George Agar
- Catalogue No. e6437
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A Fisher's Garland: Being a Collection of Some: "Sangs O' the Fishin," "Newcassel Sangs" The "Fishin' Club" Sangs and Other Verse. Angling Songs, Newcassel Sangs, and other verse. Signed copy.
Harbottle, John
- Catalogue No. L0425c
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The House of Hardy Anglers' 1956/57 price list.
- Catalogue No. hdy956a
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Hardy's Anglers Guide and Catalogue for 1960.
Hardy Brothers
- Catalogue No. hdy960
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Salmon Fishing
Hardy, John James
- Catalogue No. g2047b
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An Angler's Entomology. New Naturalist No. 23
Harris, J R
- Catalogue No. nn023aa
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Lays of the Chase; and Odds and Ends.
Harry L
- Catalogue No. L0646
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Naturgeschichte des Herings
Heincke, Prof. Dr. Friedrich
- Catalogue No. r2196
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My Life as an Angler. Author's presentation copy.
Henderson, William; Evand, Edmund [illus.]
- Catalogue No. r6401a
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Secrets of the Salmon. Limited Edition
Hewitt, Edward Ringwood
- Catalogue No. e7479
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My Sporting Life. Limited edition. [The Flyfisher's Classic Library].
Hills, John Waller
- Catalogue No. r0672a
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A History of Fly Fishing For Trout. Limited edition. [ The Flyfisher's Classic Library]
Hills, John Waller; Fort, Tom [intro.]
- Catalogue No. r0672
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The Fishes of the Pacific Coast: A Handbook for Sportsmen and Tourists
Holder, Charles Frederick
- Catalogue No. L0473
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The Game Fishes of the World
Holder, Charles Frederick
- Catalogue No. e3688
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Deep-Sea Fishing and Fishing Boats. An Account of the Practical Working of the Various Fisheries Around the British Islands with Illustrations and Descriptions of the Boats, Nets and Other Gear in Use.
Holdsworth, Edmund W H
- Catalogue No. e3788
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Fishing in Many Waters
Hornell, James
- Catalogue No. e6292
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Fishing and Flying
Horsley, Terence; Tunnicliffe, F C [illus.]
- Catalogue No. e8055
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British Fresh-Water Fishes
Houghton, The Rev W; Lydon, A F [illus.]
- Catalogue No. r5562
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British Fresh-Water Fishes
Houghton, W
- Catalogue No. r5562b
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