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The Salmon Rivers of Scotland
Grimble, Augustus
- Catalogue No. t0887a
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The Salmon Rivers of Scotland. 4 volume set.
Grimble, Augustus
- Catalogue No. 3871a
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Fish Facts and Fancies
Griswold, F Gray
- Catalogue No. L0470
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The Life History of the Atlantic and Pacific Salmon of Canada. Signed copy.
Griswold, F Gray; Hume, R D
- Catalogue No. r2919
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The Anglers Sure Guide: Or, Angling Improved, and Methodically Digested... suitable to the Reacreation of Angling.
H [Howlett], R [Robert]
- Catalogue No. L0867
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Floating Flies and How to Dress Them. A Treatise on the Most Modern Methods of Dressing Artificial Flies for Trout and Grayling ... Limited Edition. [The Flyfisher's Classic Library].
Halford, Frederic M
- Catalogue No. e6085b
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Modern Development of the Dry Fly. The New Dry Fly Patterns. The Manipulations of Dressing Them. And Practical Experiences of Their Use.
Halford, Frederic M
- Catalogue No. e6085a
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Trout and Salmon Fishing in Wales
Hansard, George Agar
- Catalogue No. e6437
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A Fisher's Garland: Being a Collection of Some: "Sangs O' the Fishin," "Newcassel Sangs" The "Fishin' Club" Sangs and Other Verse. Angling Songs, Newcassel Sangs, and other verse. Signed copy.
Harbottle, John
- Catalogue No. L0425c
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The House of Hardy Anglers' 1956/57 price list.
- Catalogue No. hdy956a
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To Cast A Trout Fly. A Step-by-step Guide for the Modern Angler.
Hardy Brothers; Farlow; Scientific Anglers Inc. of America
- Catalogue No. j7256
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Salmon Fishing
Hardy, John James
- Catalogue No. g2047b
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An Angler's Entomology. New Naturalist No. 23
Harris, J R
- Catalogue No. nn023b
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Lays of the Chase; and Odds and Ends.
Harry L
- Catalogue No. L0646
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Naturgeschichte des Herings
Heincke, Prof. Dr. Friedrich
- Catalogue No. r2196
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My Life as an Angler. Author's presentation copy.
Henderson, William; Evand, Edmund [illus.]
- Catalogue No. r6401a
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Secrets of the Salmon. Limited Edition
Hewitt, Edward Ringwood
- Catalogue No. e7479
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My Sporting Life. Limited edition. [The Flyfisher's Classic Library].
Hills, John Waller
- Catalogue No. r0672a
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A History of Fly Fishing For Trout. Limited edition. [ The Flyfisher's Classic Library]
Hills, John Waller; Fort, Tom [intro.]
- Catalogue No. r0672
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The Fishes of the Pacific Coast: A Handbook for Sportsmen and Tourists
Holder, Charles Frederick
- Catalogue No. L0473
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