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The Coquet-Dale Fishing Songs. Now First Collected and Edited by A North-Country Angler.
Doubleday, Thomas [ed.]
- Catalogue No. L0419
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The Fishing Diary 1809-1919 of The Rev. Richard Durnford of Chilbolton, Hampshire
Durnford, The Rev. Richard; Nicoll, Henry [intro.]
- Catalogue No. r9305
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Going Fishing: Letters to a Brother Angler.
Enthusiast, [Hughes, H G]
- Catalogue No. e5247
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The Stolen Years: Memories of a Country Boyhood.
Falkus, Hugh
- Catalogue No. e2244a
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Piscatory Eclogues, with other Poetical Miscellanies
Fletcher, Phinehas
- Catalogue No. d4145
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Piscatory Eclogues, with other Poetical Miscellanies. Illustrated with Notes Critical and Explanatory.
Fletcher, Phinehas
- Catalogue No. L0407
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Northern Memoirs, Calculated for the Meridian of Scotland; To Which is Added, This Contemplative and Practical Angler.
Franck, Richard
- Catalogue No. r8970
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Riverside Rambles of an Edinburgh Angler
Fraser, Duncan; Scott, Tom [illus.]
- Catalogue No. r1813
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Trout Fly Recognition
Goddard, John
- Catalogue No. e4081
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Shooting and Salmon Fishing: Hints and Recollections.
Grimble, A
- Catalogue No. j1080a
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Highland Sport
Grimble, A; Thorburn, Archibald [illus.]
- Catalogue No. d4162b
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Highland Sport
Grimble, A; Thorburn, Archibald [illus.]
- Catalogue No. d4162a
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Leaves from a Game Book. Limited Edition.
Grimble, Augustus
- Catalogue No. r3055
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More Leaves from My Game Book. Limited Edition
Grimble, Augustus
- Catalogue No. r3056
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The Salmon Rivers of Scotland. 4 volume set.
Grimble, Augustus
- Catalogue No. 3871a
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Fish Facts and Fancies
Griswold, F Gray
- Catalogue No. L0470
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The Life History of the Atlantic and Pacific Salmon of Canada. Signed copy.
Griswold, F Gray; Hume, R D
- Catalogue No. r2919
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The Anglers Sure Guide: Or, Angling Improved, and Methodically Digested... suitable to the Reacreation of Angling.
H [Howlett], R [Robert]
- Catalogue No. L0867
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A Fisher's Garland: Being a Collection of Some: "Sangs O' the Fishin," "Newcassel Sangs" The "Fishin' Club" Sangs and Other Verse. Angling Songs, Newcassel Sangs, and other verse. Signed copy.
Harbottle, John
- Catalogue No. L0425c
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Hardy's Aid to Angling. Salmon and Trout.
- Catalogue No. hdy966a
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