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The Art of Angling; or Compleat Fly-Fisher. [BOUND WITH] The North-Country Angler. A Concise Treatise on the Art of Angling. The Angler's Pocket -Book; or, Compete English Angler:To which is Prefixed Nobbs's Art of Trolling. 4 works in one volume.
Bowlker, Charles; Best,Thomas; Nobbs, Robert
- Catalogue No. r9603
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Foxhunting. What It Is, and How It Is Conducted
Brock, D W E
- Catalogue No. j6758
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Art of Angling. Rock and Sea-fishing with a Natural History of River Pond and Sea-Fish
Brookes, R
- Catalogue No. L0866a
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The Art of Angling. In Two Parts Fresh and Salt Water.
Brookes, R
- Catalogue No. L0428
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The Art of Angling. In Two Parts.
Brookes, R
- Catalogue No. L0428a
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The Art of Angling. Now Improved with Additions and Formed into a Dictionary. In Two Parts. I. Containing an Account of Fish and Fish-Ponds: A new Art of Fly-Making: The new Laws that concern Angling: The secret Ways of Catching Fish by Ointments, Pastes,...
Brookes, R[ichard]
- Catalogue No. j6397
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Developments in Handling and Processing Fish. Signed copy
Burgess, G H O
- Catalogue No. r0671
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The War Against the Seals
Busch, Briton Cooper
- Catalogue No. j8039aa
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The War Against the Seals
Busch, Briton Cooper
- Catalogue No. j8039
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Harry Druidale, Fisherman from Manxland to England.
Cadman, Henry
- Catalogue No. t0482
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Carpenter's Angler: The Angler's Assistant: comprising Practical Directions for Bottom-fishing, trolling & with ample instructions for the preparation & use of Tackle and Baits.
Carpenter, William
- Catalogue No. L0409
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The Art of Fishing
Charleton, T W
- Catalogue No. r0113
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Posthumous Songs Etc of the Late E. Chesshyre Esq.
Chesshyre, Edward
- Catalogue No. L0227
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The Fisherman's Magazine and Review. Vol. I. April to December 1864
Cholmondeley-Pennell, H [ed.]
- Catalogue No. j3406
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Hair and Fur in Fly Dressing. A Comprehensive Booklet covering Materials, Methods and Over 70 Patterns of Hairwing Flies
Clegg, Thomas
- Catalogue No. j4948
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Facts and Fancies of Salmon Fishing
Clericus; [Rev. W Cartwright]
- Catalogue No. e6431
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Sporting Days
Colquhoun, John
- Catalogue No. h0072
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The Moor and the Loch. Containing Minute Instructions in all Highland Sports. Two volume set.
Colquhoun, John
- Catalogue No. h0073
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The Gentleman's Recreation: In Four Parts. Viz. Hunting, Hawking, Fowling, Fishing. Wherein these Generous Exercises are Largely Treated of, and the Terms of Art for Hunting and Hawking are More Amply Enlarged than Heretofore....
Cox, Nicholas
- Catalogue No. e4307
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A Collection of Right Merrie Garlands for North Country Anglers - The Newcastle Fishers' Garlands.
Crawhall, Joseph (editor)
- Catalogue No. L0420a
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