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The Art of Angling, Rock and Sea-Fishing: with the Natural History of River, Pond, and Sea-Fish.
Brookes, R
- Catalogue No. L0866aa
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The Art of Angling. Now Improved with Additions and Formed into a Dictionary.
Brookes, R
- Catalogue No. L0866b
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The Art of Angling. In Two Parts Fresh and Salt Water.
Brookes, R
- Catalogue No. L0428
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The Art of Angling. In Two Parts.
Brookes, R
- Catalogue No. L0428a
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The Art of Angling. Now Improved with Additions and Formed into a Dictionary. In Two Parts. I. Containing an Account of Fish and Fish-Ponds: A new Art of Fly-Making: The new Laws that concern Angling: The secret Ways of Catching Fish by Ointments, Pastes,...
Brookes, R[ichard]
- Catalogue No. j6397
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The Domesday Book of Mammoth Pike
Buller, Fred; Falkus, Hugh [foreword]
- Catalogue No. e7103
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Developments in Handling and Processing Fish. Signed copy
Burgess, G H O
- Catalogue No. r0671
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The War Against the Seals
Busch, Briton Cooper
- Catalogue No. j8039
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Harry Druidale, Fisherman from Manxland to England.
Cadman, Henry
- Catalogue No. t0482
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Carpenter's Angler: The Angler's Assistant: comprising Practical Directions for Bottom-fishing, trolling & with ample instructions for the preparation & use of Tackle and Baits.
Carpenter, William
- Catalogue No. L0409
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The Art of Fishing
Charleton, T W
- Catalogue No. r0113
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Posthumous Songs Etc of the Late E. Chesshyre Esq.
Chesshyre, Edward
- Catalogue No. L0227
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The Fisherman's Magazine and Review. Vol. I. April to December 1864
Cholmondeley-Pennell, H [ed.]
- Catalogue No. j3406
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The Modern Practical Angler: A Complete Guide to Fly-Fishing, Bottom-Fishing and Trolling.
Cholmondeley-Pennell, Henry
- Catalogue No. h1472
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Hair and Fur in Fly Dressing. A Comprehensive Booklet covering Materials, Methods and Over 70 Patterns of Hairwing Flies
Clegg, Thomas
- Catalogue No. j4948
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Facts and Fancies of Salmon Fishing
Clericus; [Rev. W Cartwright]
- Catalogue No. e6431
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Rambles and Recollections of a Fly-Fisher. With an Appendix Containing Ample Instructions to the Novice, Inclusive of Fly-making, and a List of Really Useful Flies.
Clericus; [W Cartwright]
- Catalogue No. e6432
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Sporting Days
Colquhoun, John
- Catalogue No. h0072
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The Moor and the Loch. Containing Minute Instructions in all Highland Sports. Two volume set.
Colquhoun, John
- Catalogue No. h0073
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River Management. The Lonsdale Library. Volume XXIV.
Coston, H E Towner, et al
- Catalogue No. lon24
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