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Flora Superba. Signed Limited Edition.
Blunt, Wilfred [text]; Jones, Paul [illus.]
- Catalogue No. 1216
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Flower Books and Their Illustrators: An Exhibition Arranged for the National Book League
Blunt, Wilfrid
- Catalogue No. r7306
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Enid Blyton Nature Books.Autumn Time.
Blyton, Enid
- Catalogue No. bly238ac
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The Enid Blyton Nature Readers No 25.
Blyton, Enid
- Catalogue No. bly242y
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Oligochaeta. Volume 11 in Das Tierreich Series.
Bormans, A de; Krauss, H
- Catalogue No. tie011
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A Philosophical Account of the Works of Nature: As Founded upon a Plan of the Late Mr Addison.
Bradley, Richard
- Catalogue No. r7351
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Berwickshire Rare Plant Register 2004
Braithwaite, Michael E
- Catalogue No. r8731a
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The Bridgewater Treatise on On the Power and Wisdom and Goodness of God as Manifested in the Creation. Thirteen volumes. Nine Treatises including 'A Fragment' by Charles Babbage.
Bridgewater; Chalmers, Thomas; Kidd, John; Whewell, Wiliam; Bell, Charles; Roget, Peter; Buckland, William; Prout, William; Babbage, Charles
- Catalogue No. h2565
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Scientific Survey of North-Eastern England
British Association for The Advancement of Science
- Catalogue No. r1499
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Heathland Restoration: A Handbook of Techniques.
British Gas
- Catalogue No. 0391
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The Art of Angling. In Two Parts Fresh and Salt Water.
Brookes, R
- Catalogue No. L0428
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British Birds of Prey. New Naturalist No 60.
Brown, Leslie
- Catalogue No. nn060a
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The Elements of Conchology or Natural History of Shells According to the Linnean System
Brown, Thomas
- Catalogue No. 1693a
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The Elements of Conchology or Natural History of Shells According to the Linnean System. With Observations on Modern Arrangements.
Brown, Thomas
- Catalogue No. 1693
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Insects. Benn's Sixpenny Library No. 45.
Browne, F Balfour
- Catalogue No. bsl045
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Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile in the Years 1768, 1769,1770,1771,1772, and 1773. 5 volume set
Bruce, James
- Catalogue No. r7103
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Gun and Camera in Southern Africa. A Year of Wanderings in Bechuanaland, The Kalahari Desert, and the Lake River Country, Ngamiland with Notes on Colonisation, Natives, Natural History and Sport.
Bryden, H Anderson
- Catalogue No. r2828
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Buffon's Natural History. Abridged.
Buffon [Count de Buffon]
- Catalogue No. r0478a
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Notes on the Geology and Natural History of the County of Durham
Calvert, Robert
- Catalogue No. d0841
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Demodicidae und Sarcoptidae. Volume 7 in Das Tierreich Series
Canestrini, Prof G; Kramer, Prof P
- Catalogue No. tie007
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