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A State of the Expedition from Canada, as Laid Before the House of Commons.
Burgoyne, J
- Catalogue No. d3122
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The Annals of the King's Royal Rifle Corps. 5 volume set.
Butler, Lewis; Hare, Steuart
- Catalogue No. 0700b
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The Diary of Colour-Serjeant George Calladine of the 19th Foot 1793-1837
Calladine, George; Ferrar, M L [ed.]
- Catalogue No. j4635
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Lives of the Admirals, and other Eminent British Seamen. Volumes I & II. Containing their Personal Histories, and a Detail of all their Public Services.
Campbell, John
- Catalogue No. g2420
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The Thirty-Sixth, or the Herefordshire Regiment of Foot. The Historical Records of the British Army.
Cannon, Richard
- Catalogue No. hir36
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The Royal Norfolk Regiment. Famous Regiments.
Carew Tim; Horrocks, Brian [ed.]
- Catalogue No. fr18
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Soldier at Bomber Command
Carrington, Charles
- Catalogue No. r0623a
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Of Ploughs, Planes and Palliasses. Signed copy.
Carruthers, Percy Wilson
- Catalogue No. r1984
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Medals of the British Army, and How They Were Won.
Carter, Thomas; Long, W H [revised]
- Catalogue No. g5842a
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Grasshoppers and Butterflies: The Light 3 Pounders of Pattison and Townshend
Caruana, Adrian B
- Catalogue No. e3371
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Second to None. The Royal Scots Greys 1919-1945
Carver, R M P [Lieutenant Colonel]
- Catalogue No. j6211
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Correspondence of Lieut.-General The Hon. Sir George Cathcart, K.C. B., Relative to His Military Operations in Kaffraria, Until The Termination of the Kafir War, and To His Measures For the Future Maintenance of Peace on That Frontier,......
Cathcart, George
- Catalogue No. e7141
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The Coastal War: Chesapeake Bay to Tio Grande. The Civil War. Time-Life.
Chaitin, Peter M
- Catalogue No. tlc09
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The Canadian Army at War. Men-at-Arms No 164
Chappell, Mike
- Catalogue No. maa164
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Essays in Modern Military Biography
Chesney, Charles Cornwallis
- Catalogue No. j6567
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The Records and Badges of Every Regiment and Corps in the British Army
Chichester, Henry Manners; Burges-Short, George
- Catalogue No. r7036fa
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Cover Of Darkness
Chisholm, Roderick
- Catalogue No. w0286
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Cover Of Darkness
Chisholm, Roderick
- Catalogue No. bbc203
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My Early Life: A Roving Commission
Churchill, Winston S
- Catalogue No. chw03a
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Post-War Speeches. The Sinews of Peace.
Churchill, Winston S
- Catalogue No. chw31
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