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History of the Rise and Progress of the Bengal Army. Volume I only.
Broome, Arthur
- Catalogue No. r7499
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The Great Civil War in Lancashire (1642-1651)
Broxap, Ernest
- Catalogue No. g1670
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The Marquis of Montrose
Buchan, John
- Catalogue No. buch25ca
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The Marquis of Montrose
Buchan, John
- Catalogue No. buch25c
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What of the Navy?
Burgoyne, Alan H
- Catalogue No. t0919
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A State of the Expedition from Canada, as Laid Before the House of Commons.
Burgoyne, J
- Catalogue No. d3122
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The Annals of the King's Royal Rifle Corps. 5 volume set.
Butler, Lewis; Hare, Steuart
- Catalogue No. 0700b
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The Diary of Colour-Serjeant George Calladine of the 19th Foot 1793-1837
Calladine, George [Cr-Sjt]; Ferrar, M L [ed.]
- Catalogue No. j4635
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Lives of the Admirals, and other Eminent British Seamen. Volumes I & II. Containing their Personal Histories, and a Detail of all their Public Services.
Campbell, John
- Catalogue No. g2420
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The Thirty-Sixth, or the Herefordshire Regiment of Foot. The Historical Records of the British Army.
Cannon, Richard
- Catalogue No. hir36
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The Royal Norfolk Regiment. Famous Regiments.
Carew Tim; Horrocks, Brian [ed.]
- Catalogue No. fr18
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Soldier at Bomber Command
Carrington, Charles
- Catalogue No. r0623a
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Of Ploughs, Planes and Palliasses. Signed copy.
Carruthers, Percy Wilson
- Catalogue No. r1984
More details
The Work of War Artists in South Africa
Carter, A C R
- Catalogue No. 2106
More details
Grasshoppers and Butterflies: The Light 3 Pounders of Pattison and Townshend
Caruana, Adrian B
- Catalogue No. e3371
More details
Second to None. The Royal Scots Greys 1919-1945
Carver, R M P [Lieutenant Colonel]
- Catalogue No. j6211
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Cendrars, Blaise
- Catalogue No. 3586
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The Coastal War: Chesapeake Bay to Tio Grande. The Civil War. Time-Life.
Chaitin, Peter M
- Catalogue No. tlc09
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The Records and Badges of Every Regiment and Corps in the British Army
Chichester, Henry Manners; Burges-Short, George
- Catalogue No. r7036fa
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Cover Of Darkness
Chisholm, Roderick
- Catalogue No. bbc203
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