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Bentley's Complete Phrase Code with Cyphers Numbered 00000 - 31462
Bentley, E L
- Catalogue No. j6723
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Reminiscences of Uncle Silas: A History of the Eighteenth Louisiana Infantry Regiment.
Bergeron, Arthur W [ed.]
- Catalogue No. r9264
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The Story of Fergie Bey (Awaraquay) Told by Himself and Some of His Friends
Bey, Fergie [Awaraquay]
- Catalogue No. j7723
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Grumman X-29. An Aeroguide Special.
Bill Gunston
- Catalogue No. mh1807
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Black and White Budget - 3 volume set.
Black and White
- Catalogue No. 5077
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The British Navy and the Use of Naval Power in the Eighteenth Century
Black, Jeremy: Woodfine, Philip, [eds.]
- Catalogue No. g2800
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Terry's Texas Rangers. Reminiscences of J.K.P. Blackburn.
Blackburn, J K P
- Catalogue No. r9388
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Jane's Fighting Ships 1967-68
Blackman, Raymond V B [ed.]
- Catalogue No. janf1967
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Jane's Fighting Ships 1972 -73
Blackman, Raymond V B [ed.]
- Catalogue No. janf1972
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Undertones of War
Blunden, Edmund
- Catalogue No. j8996
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A Century of Remembrance. One Hundred Outstanding British War Memorials.
Boorman, Derek
- Catalogue No. L1662c
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From the Atlantic to the Urals. Negotiating Arms Control at the Stockholm Conference
Borawski, John
- Catalogue No. r1424
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The Retreat from Moscow
Bourgogne, Seargeant
- Catalogue No. fol085c
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The Journal of an Army Surgeon During the Peninsular War
Boutflower, Charles
- Catalogue No. r7264
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An Outline of the Egyptian and Palestine Campaigns 1914 to 1918
Bowman-Manifold, M G E
- Catalogue No. r7094
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Action Stations 6. Military Airfields of the Cotswolds and the Central Midlands
Bowyer, Michael J F
- Catalogue No. astn06a
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Jungle, Jungle, Little Chindit
Boyle, Patrick; Musgrave-Wood, Jon
- Catalogue No. g1348
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A Code to Keep. Prisoner in Vietnam.
Brace, Keith
- Catalogue No. d2830
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Crucible of Empire. The Spanish-American War & its Aftermath.
Bradford, James C
- Catalogue No. d0739
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Air Power. The Coalition and Iraqi Forces. Osprey Desert Storm Special Series No. 2
Braybrook, Roy
- Catalogue No. dss002
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