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Northumberland. Shadows of the Past.
Beckensall, Stan
- Catalogue No. bks18
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Northumberland. The Power of Place.
Beckensall, Stan
- Catalogue No. bks16b
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Merlin. The Story of a Westcountry Leopard. A True Tale of Our Times. Signed Copy.
Beer, Trevor
- Catalogue No. c2010
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British Pyralid and Plume Moths
Beirne, Bryan P
- Catalogue No. c0854a
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Obeah: Witchcraft in the West Indies
Bell, Hesketh J
- Catalogue No. r3366a
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The Training and Management of Horses
Bell, J P F
- Catalogue No. d0615
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Agriculture and Conservation in the Hills and Uplands.
Bell, M: Bunce, R. G. H
- Catalogue No. g4611
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A History of British Quadrupeds, Including the Cetacea.
Bell, Thomas
- Catalogue No. e0196
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The Zoological Journal. Four volumes [for the Years 1824 - 1829]
Bell, Thomas; Children, J G; Sowerby, James de Carle; Vigors, N A [eds.]
- Catalogue No. zoo824
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Bellis, Kate; Matthews, Sally
- Catalogue No. e6568
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The Gardens and Menagerie of the Zoological Society Delineated. 2 volume set. Vol. I. Quadrupeds. Vol. II. Birds.
Bennett, E T [ed.]; Harvey, William [illus.]
- Catalogue No. e6426
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The Tower Menagerie: Comprising the Natural History of the Animals Contained in That Establishment; With Anecdotes of Their Characters and History.
Bennett, Edward Turner; Harvey, William [illus.]
- Catalogue No. e6459
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The Observer's Book of Birds. 1976.
Benson, S Vere
- Catalogue No. obs01zb
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Marshland Calling
Bensusan, S L
- Catalogue No. bbb304d
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Handbook of the British Flora, a description of the flowering plants and ferns indigenous to, or naturalised in the British Isles, for the use of beginners and amateurs
Bentham, George
- Catalogue No. d3119a
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In Korean Wilds and Villages
Bergman, Sten; Whyte, Frederic [tr.]
- Catalogue No. r4543
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Outlines of British Fungology; Containing Characters of Above a Thousand Species of Fungi, and A Complete List of All That Have Been Described as Natives of the British Isles.
Berkeley, M J
- Catalogue No. e6184
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Synopsis of the Natural History of Great Britain and Ireland. Volume II.
Berkenhout, John
- Catalogue No. e4694b
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Animals at the Zoo. Second Series. Gowans's Nature Books No. 28.
Berridge, W S [illus.]
- Catalogue No. gnb28
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Inheritance and Natural History. New Naturalist No 61.
Berry, R J
- Catalogue No. nn061
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