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Pictorial Poultry-Keeping
Batty, Dr J
- Catalogue No. e4390
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The Clydesdale Stud Book. Volume 38. 1916.
Bean, George [ed.] Clydesdale Horse Society
- Catalogue No. csb38
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Land and Lineage in China: A Study of T'ung-Ch'eng County, Anhwei, in the Ming and Ch'ing Dynasties
Beattie, Hilary J
- Catalogue No. r8202
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Obeah: Witchcraft in the West Indies
Bell, Hesketh J
- Catalogue No. r3366a
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The Training and Management of Horses
Bell, J P F
- Catalogue No. d0615
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The Principles of Surgery in Two Volumes: Volume First; Of the Ordinary Duties of the Surgeon, Containing the Principles of Surgery, as They Relate to Wounds, Ulcers, and Fistulas; Aneurisms, and Wounded Arteries, Fractures of Limbs...Volume I [of III]
Bell, John
- Catalogue No. e5414
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Agriculture and Conservation in the Hills and Uplands.
Bell, M: Bunce, R. G. H
- Catalogue No. g4611
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The Great Seasons. Signed copy.
Bellamy, David; Mackie, Sheila
- Catalogue No. j5082
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History of Corn Milling. Volume I. Handstone, Slave & Cattle Mills.
Bennett, Richard; Elton, John
- Catalogue No. r3313
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The Observer's Book of Birds. 1962.
Benson, S Vere
- Catalogue No. obs01p
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The Observer's Book of Birds. 1967
Benson, S Vere
- Catalogue No. obs01t
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Handbook of the British Flora, a description of the flowering plants and ferns indigenous to, or naturalised in the British Isles, for the use of beginners and amateurs
Bentham, George
- Catalogue No. d3119a
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Outlines of British Fungology; Containing Characters of Above a Thousand Species of Fungi, and A Complete List of All That Have Been Described as Natives of the British Isles.
Berkeley, M J
- Catalogue No. e6184
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Handbook of British Mosses; comprising all that are known to be natives of The British Isles.
Berkeley, M.J.
- Catalogue No. g4230
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Le Jardin des Plantes Description Complete, Historique et Pittoresque du Muséum D'Histoire Naturelle, de La Ménagerie, Des Serrres, Des Galeries de Minéralogie et D'Anatomie, et De La Valée Suisse. 2 volumes.
Bernard, Mm P; Couailhac, L; Lemaout, Gervais et Emm.
- Catalogue No. e5789
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Introduction Familière A La Connoissance de la Nature
- Catalogue No. c0074
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Animals at the Zoo. Second Series. Gowans's Nature Books No. 28.
Berridge, W S [illus.]
- Catalogue No. gnb28
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The Natural History of Shetland. New Naturalist No 64.
Berry, R J; Johnston, J L
- Catalogue No. nn064a
More details
Berthold Types Cast on Pica System
Berthold Type Foundary
- Catalogue No. r8742
More details
Proceedings of the Berwickshire Naturalists' Club. 1885 - 1886. Vol XI.
Berwickshire Naturalists' Club
- Catalogue No. bnc885
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