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Wildfowl in Great Britain . A Survey of the winter distribution of the Anatidae and their conservation in England, Scotland and Wales. Monographs of the Nature Conservancy Number Three.
Atkinson-Willes G L [ed], Scott, Peter [illus.]
- Catalogue No. j2632
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In Veronica's Garden
Austin, Alfred
- Catalogue No. j5661
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Ants, Bees and Wasps. The International Scientific Series Volume XL.
Avebury, Lord [Sir John Lubbock]
- Catalogue No. iss040b
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The Youngest Lion. Early Farming Days in Kenya.
Bache, Eve
- Catalogue No. g4895
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The Observer's Book of Freshwater Fishes. 1974.
Bagenal, T B
- Catalogue No. obs06p
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Harrison's New Series of Original Dialogues. The Young Farmer.
Bailey, Benson
- Catalogue No. g5813
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A General View of the Agriculture of the County of Northumberland, with Observations on the Means of Its Improvement. Drawn up for the Consideration of the Board of Agriculture.
Bailey, J; Culley, G; Bewick, Thomas [illus.]
- Catalogue No. e6024
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Baily's Hunting Directory 1911 - 1912
- Catalogue No. bhd911
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Baily's Hunting Directory 1921-1922. Also Register Of Winners Point-To-Point Races 1921.
- Catalogue No. bhd921
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Baily's Hunting Directory 1937 - 1938
- Catalogue No. bhd937
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Baily's Hunting Directory 1937 - 1938
- Catalogue No. bhd937a
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Ericas in Southern Africa
Baker, Col. H A; Oliver, E G H
- Catalogue No. r9986
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Indian Pigeons and Doves
Baker, E C Stuart
- Catalogue No. r9587
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An Attempt Towards a Natural History of the Polype: In a Letter to Martin Folkes, Esq; President of the Royal Society.
Baker, Henry
- Catalogue No. e5304
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Icones, Ad Illustrandam Piscium Osteographiam
Bakker, Gerbrandi
- Catalogue No. e5813
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The Rabbit Skin Cap. A Tale of a Norfolk Countryman's Youth
Baldry, George; Seago, Edward [illus.] Haggard, Lilias Rider [ed.]
- Catalogue No. 4753c
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Les Papillons: Leur Histore, La Manière de Leur Faire La Chasse et de les Conserver; Ouvrage Amusant et Instructif
Balland, Eugène-Amedée
- Catalogue No. r7162
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The Orchids of Nepal Himalaya. Signed copy.
Banerji, M L; Pradhan, Prabha
- Catalogue No. e0726
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Organizing Jainism in India and England
Banks, Marcus
- Catalogue No. r6472
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The Birds of the British Isles. Volume 10 only.
Bannerman, David Armitage
- Catalogue No. bn10a
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