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A Translation of the Dutch Placart and Ordinance, for the Government of the Great Fishery
- Catalogue No. c1680
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In the Tropical Regions; or, Nature and Natural History in the Torrid Zones. With Anecdotes and Stories of Adventure and Travel.
- Catalogue No. g0584
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The Angler's Note-book and Naturalist's Record ... [The Green Series Complete].
- Catalogue No. L0406
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The Wealth of Great Britain in the Ocean, Exemplified from Materials Laid Before the Committee of the House of Commons ...
- Catalogue No. c1696
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Biodiversity and Evolution
Arai, Ryoichi; Kato, Mashiro; Doi, Yoshimichi [eds.]
- Catalogue No. r1986
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Catalogue of the Fossil Plants of the Glossopteris Flora in the British Museum
Arber, E A Newell
- Catalogue No. bmu056
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Missionary Excursion into the Blue Mountains
Arbousset, Thomas
- Catalogue No. r1908
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The Territorial Imperative. Heron Collectors' Edition.
Ardrey, Robert
- Catalogue No. herc02
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Gone Away with the Winmills
Armstrong, Virginia Winmill Livingstone
- Catalogue No. r3577
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Beasts of India
Arni, Kanchana; Wolf, Gita [eds.]
- Catalogue No. 5415
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Police Dogs and their Training.
Arundel, Reginald
- Catalogue No. q0931
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Documenta Hippologica. Darstellungen und Quellen zur Geschichte des Pferdes.
ASIL Club; Kohler, H J etal [ed.]
- Catalogue No. q0959
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The Red Sea in Egypt: Part II, Invertebrates.
Atiya, Farid Suriel
- Catalogue No. h0978
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British Birds' Eggs and Nest, Popularly Described.
Atkinson, J C
- Catalogue No. L0692b
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Wildfowl in Great Britain
Atkinson-Welles, G L [ed.]
- Catalogue No. d4165
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Wildfowl in Great Britain . A Survey of the winter distribution of the Anatidae and their conservation in England, Scotland and Wales. Monographs of the Nature Conservancy Number Three.
Atkinson-Willes G L [ed], Scott, Peter [illus.]
- Catalogue No. j2632
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Zoo Quest to Madagascar
Attenborough, David
- Catalogue No. w0168f
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Ants, Bees and Wasps. The International Scientific Series Volume XL.
Avebury, Lord [Sir John Lubbock]
- Catalogue No. iss040b
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Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Goat Production and Disease. January 10 to 15, 1982 - Tucson, Arizona U.S.A.
Ayers, Jess L; Foote, Warren C [eds.]
- Catalogue No. e3777
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The Youngest Lion. Early Farming Days in Kenya.
Bache, Eve
- Catalogue No. g4895
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