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Birds of Kerala
Ali, Salim
- Catalogue No. d0710
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The National Sports of Great Britain. With Descriptions in English and French. A New edition
Alken, Henry
- Catalogue No. L0403
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Synopsis Medicinae: or, A Summary View of the Whole Practice of Physick. Being the Sentiments of All the Most Celebrated Authors in All Ages, Relating to Diseases, Their Causes and Cures. With Most Cases in Surgery and Midwifery. ... 2 Volume set.
Allen, John
- Catalogue No. e4733
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The Cottage Homes of England
Allingham, Helen [illus.]; Dick, Stewart
- Catalogue No. e8551
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A Monograph of the Fresh-water Polyzoa Including All the Known Species Both British and Foreign
Allman, George James
- Catalogue No. j8900
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Marches. New Naturalist No 118.
Allot, Andrew
- Catalogue No. nn118
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A New Flora of Alnwick District.
Alnwick and District Natural History Society; Percy, Lord Richard [foreword]
- Catalogue No. j3977
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The Observer's Book of Lichens. 1977.
Alvin, Kenneth L
- Catalogue No. obs33ga
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Some Birds and Mammals of North America. Signed copy.
Amuchástegui, Axel
- Catalogue No. 1199a
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A Descriptive Catalogue of Marine Reptiles of the Oxford Clay
Andrews, Charles William
- Catalogue No. bmu093
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A Translation of the Dutch Placart and Ordinance, for the Government of the Great Fishery
- Catalogue No. c1680
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The Angler's Note-book and Naturalist's Record ... [The Green Series Complete].
- Catalogue No. L0406
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The Wealth of Great Britain in the Ocean, Exemplified from Materials Laid Before the Committee of the House of Commons ...
- Catalogue No. c1696
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Ring Ouzels of the Yorkshire Dales.
Appleyard, Ian
- Catalogue No. g4910
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Catalogue of the Fossil Plants of the Glossopteris Flora in the British Museum
Arber, E A Newell
- Catalogue No. bmu056
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Gone Away with the Winmills
Armstrong, Virginia Winmill Livingstone
- Catalogue No. r3577
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Beasts of India
Arni, Kanchana; Wolf, Gita [eds.]
- Catalogue No. 5415
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A Bird Collector's Medley
Arnold, E C
- Catalogue No. e8057
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Birds of Somalia
Ash, J S; Miskell, J E
- Catalogue No. h1976
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Documenta Hippologica. Darstellungen und Quellen zur Geschichte des Pferdes.
ASIL Club; Kohler, H J etal [ed.]
- Catalogue No. q0959
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