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Pictures from the Battle Fields
"The Roving Englishman" [Murray, Eustace Clare Grenville]
- Catalogue No. e1501
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'In the Service of a Nation'. The N.F.S Goes into Action
'Centurion'; Mills, Reginald [illus.]
- Catalogue No. k0770
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German War Birds
'Vigilant' [Sykes, Claud W.]
- Catalogue No. w0291
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Modern Firearm Engravings
Abbiatico, Mario
- Catalogue No. j8416
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Loading Booklet for Accurate Smokeless Powders
Adams, John; etc. [eds.]
- Catalogue No. pis05
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Collingwood. Northumberland's Heart of Oak. Signed copy.
Adams, Max
- Catalogue No. tyn05
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First Aid in the Royal Navy
- Catalogue No. a0640
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Recollections of a Military Life
Adye, General Sir John
- Catalogue No. e2508
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Pacific Ordeal
Ainslie, Kenneth
- Catalogue No. j0755
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Aircraft of the US Navy: Air Forces of the World Volume I.
Air Forces of the World
- Catalogue No. r0158
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Atlas of Iraqi War Crimes in the State of Kuwait. / Atlas des Crimes de Geurre Iraqienne dans l'Etat du Koweit.
Al-Hammadi, Abdullah M; Al-Abdalrazaq, Abdulateef
- Catalogue No. L0219a
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Makers of Naval Policy 1798-1947Naval & Maritime History. An Annotated Bibliography.
Albion, Robert Greenhaugh
- Catalogue No. g4268
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Naval & Maritime History. An Annotated Bibliography.
Albion, Robert Greenhaugh
- Catalogue No. g4268b
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An Essay on the Nature and Variation of Destructive Lung Disease Included Under the Head of 'Pulmonary Consumption', as Seen Among Soldiers, and the Hygienic Conditions Under Which They Occur. Author's inscription.
Alcock, Surgeon Nathaniel
- Catalogue No. e4751
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H.M.S. 'Dauntless'. South America and the Straits 1932-1935.
Alexander, C O [foreword]
- Catalogue No. e5680
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Excavations at Roman Corbridge. The Hoard. English Heritage Archaeological Report No. 7.
Allason-Jones, L; Bishop, M C
- Catalogue No. e6235
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Hero of the Upholder
Allaway, Jim
- Catalogue No. r2586
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Thunder & Lightning
Allen, Charles
- Catalogue No. g0929
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Chained Eagle
Alvarez Jr, Everett; Ptich, Anthony S
- Catalogue No. 5509
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The Royal Marine Band Service.
Ambler, John
- Catalogue No. h1329
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